Making sense of soil nitrogen sensing

Development of soil nitrate sensor system for on-the-go variable rate nitrogen management

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The ultimate goal of precision N management is to enable farmers to identify, measure, and deferentially manage soils within fields in a manner that increases farm profitability and decreases environmental impact associated with over-application of nitrogen fertilizer.  Our patent-pending soil sensing technology will help achieve this goal.

Our vision

We are developing a soil nitrate sensor that can be attached to farm implements and used to determine in-real-time on-the-go soil nitrate concentrations with sufficient accuracy to facilitate precision application of nitrogen fertilizers.     

How does it work

  Our technology uses, for the first time, a diamond coupled with a miniaturized and robust Fourier Transform Infrared spectrometer to measure soil nitrate concentrations in field moist soil. The sensor can measure soil nitrate in about one second.     

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N-Sense, LLC

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